RATH: Elevate Your Data Analysis with AI-Powered Automation

Step into the future of data analysis and visualization with RATH, a tool designed to seamlessly blend technology and usability. More than just an open-source counterpart to data analysis and visualization platforms like Tableau, RATH significantly enhances your Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) workflow through its advanced Augmented Analytic engine.

This engine intelligently discovers patterns, insights, and causals within your datasets and elegantly presents them through sophisticated, auto-generated multi-dimensional data visualizations, transforming intricate data into comprehensible information.

Instantaneous Insights at a Click

RATH's Augmented Analytic engine paves the way for the next generation of data analysis, unveiling patterns, insights, and causals in a fully automated way. With just one click, you can now explore and visualize your datasets with enhanced ease and efficiency.

Your Dedicated Copilot in Data Exploration

RATH steps in as your trusted partner in your data science journey. It's designed to learn from your intentions and churn out relevant recommendations, ensuring your data analysis stays precisely on target.

Data Painter: Decipher Complex Visual Patterns

The Data Painter feature in RATH allows you to detect intricate visual patterns, often missed by standard statistical analysis. This paves the way for a thorough investigation of potential causals and patterns, unearthing valuable clues hidden within your data.

Causal Analysis for Informed Decision Making

Leverage RATH's Causal Analysis tool to identify and scrutinize causal relationships between variables. This feature not only enhances your data exploration but also refines your prediction models and guides you towards informed business decisions.

Data Preparation Simplified

With its AI-enhanced data wrangling capabilities, RATH simplifies tasks such as data cleaning, data transformation, and data sampling. This automation significantly expedites these essential but typically time-consuming tasks.

Embed with Ease

Graphic Walker, a feature of the RATH suite, is a lightweight, easy-to-use, and embeddable data visualization tool. Its seamless integration into your existing workflow eliminates the need for switching to new software, ensuring uninterrupted productivity for your projects. You can check out RATH GitHub for more information.

Experience the RATH advantage today and revolutionize your approach to data analysis and visualization. Try out RATH products now!